Software Solutions CoOp Writer

Cardinal’s CoOp Writer is a comprehensive, enterprise wide, web-based application for the creation, printing and management of Personalized Placement Learning Plans.

Secure Collaboration

A complete security system ensures users have access to what they need and how they need it. Teachers have the ability to share employer information with other schools in their geographic region or maintain their own database of employers without sharing. A student portal allows teachers to choose what information they want to share online with their students.

The CoOp Writer provides all of the tools needed to manage Experiential Learning

  • Personalized Placement Learning Plans
  • Experiential Expectations
  • Work Education Agreements
  • OYAP Expectations
  • Student Time Tracking
  • Employer Database
  • Student Interviews
  • Pre-Placement Planning
  • Usage Statistics
  • Report Generation Tools
  • Access to NOC Job Descriptions
  • Report Generation Tools including OYAP ANNEX A and WSIB Hour

SHSM Writer

Tightly integrated with CoOp Writer and the board’s Student Management System, Cardinal’s SHSM Writer allows for the identification, selection, planning and tracking of students enrolled in or qualified for a Specialist High Skills Major program.

Users can track student certificates, experiential learning, curriculum requirements and quickly identify potential candidates not already enrolled in a SHSM program.