Interventions & Referrals Case Log Management

eLITE‘s Interventions and Referrals Module provides for the creation, approval and parent consent of student referrals to service agencies such as CYW, Speech & Language, Psychologists as well as school-based referrals (Transition Facilitators for example).

The comprehensive and flexible setup parameters allows the board to configure each type of referral independently — specifying the agency personnel, parental consent requirements, documents and approval requirements and case log behaviour.

Referrals are entered quickly and easily by SERTs in the schools, using drop down lists customized by the board. This easy to use program takes the guess work out of who to send a referral to and what documents need to be included. The approval process occurs automatically, when necessary.

Comprehensive and flexible security parameters, determinted by the type of referral, ensure protection of privacy compliance in all aspects of the process.

Case Log Management

The case log entry and reporting facility within eLite's Interventions & Referrals module ensures a balanced case log for each person. Using the comprehensive reports, administrators can

  • measure average length of interventions;
  • assist in the discussion around consistent practices by sharing the statistical information;
  • aid in determining professional development needs within each discipline.