Student Service Forms & Dashboard

Cardinal’s Student Services Forms module enables authorized personnel to electronically create, administer, update, query and report on the services that are provided to students outside of the regular classroom.

The SSF module provides a student profile—a dashboard—that provides a powerful tool to view at a glance which service plans exist for the student (IEP, SAL, Transportation, etc) and all documents created for the student including all other eLite modules.

Organized by department with a comprehensive and flexible security layer ensures the right users have access to the right students and the right forms.

Using PDF document handling along with a collection of sophisticated back end processes by Cardinal, the board is able to easily and quickly design a new form; publish it in the SSF; set security requirements and it is automatically included on the Student Dashboard.

Cost effective form development is offered where data tracking for reporting and statistical analysis is required.

The status of each form as it progresses through the system can be easily updated so that the reporting and query tools will give the board’s decision makers accurate and complete information.

SSF is deployed as an eLITE module that integrates seamlessly with all eLite Modules.