Student Transportation & Support Plans

Integrated with the board’s existing student information system, eLITE’s Student Support and Transportation Plan Module provides for the creation and approval of Individual Transportation Plans (ITPs), allowing educators to provide integrated accessible school transportation services for their students with disabilities.

Once an ITP has been created an automated email is sent to the Principal Leader notifying of the new ITP. The Principal Leaders who are responsible for the approval of an ITP are provided with a comprehensive ’Approvals’ screen that allows them to view and/or approve ITPs.

ITPs are easily entered by using checkboxes and dropdown lists customized by the board in order to identify the students’ medical needs and the details of transportation assistance. Once approved, the ITP is automatically emailed to the board’s Transportation Department.

School Support Plans provide further critical information for staff regarding the medical needs of a student and the interventions that need to be followed during an episode/emergency at school.

The ability to create these plans for students before they are registered ensures the schools and the transportation departement have the necessary resources in place before the student starts school.