Managing the transition to new technologies presents a unique set of challenges. Typically a major investment, a software solution if chosen poorly or not implemented successfully can drain resources and quickly turn the investment into a loss.

Cardinal's consulting services are included in our own packaged solutions. However, we offer independent, unbiased consulting services for clients looking for advice on selecting software solutions that we do not offer.

Our Product Selection consulting service ensures that your software investment is the right one. We help you differentiate between features that would be nice to have and what you really need. We help you determine what technologies are best suited to your needs and your budget. We help you decide what software application from what vendor is the right choice. We help you sell the decision to your clients and win their buy-in.

Our Project Management consulting service ensures that your software investment pays off. Project Management can include conversion planning, implementation and rollout and benchmark testing. Our Project Manager will ensure your vendor's training program is delivered effectively.

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