eLITE - Enterprise Learner Intervention Tracking for Excellence

eLITE is Cardinal's Application Deployment Framework (ADF) that provides a collection of integrated modules providing for the administration and reporting of student success services including:

eLite provides the board with concise control over user authentication (AD or otherwise) and allows for custom User desktop and navigational menus based on the user’s ROLE.

eLite's integration capabilities with external systems such as SIS and/or Human Resources enables an automated maintenance of user accounts—with little or no manual intervention required.

A comprehensive data security layer allows the board to protect sensitive and confidential data when and where needed.

Comprehensive system administration and database tools are provided to allow the board’s IT department to easily manage changing requirements and apply upgrades with ease and confidence.

Hosted? Your Choice!

eLite can be self-hosted or hosted on Cardinal's secure, 24x7 available servers.