Meeting Management

IPRC, Case Conference and Team Meetings

The Meeting Management Module provides a shared calendar and resource database that allows central resource secretaries, teachers and principals access to:

  • comprehensive scheduling calendar for board wide meetings;
  • easy to use IPRC review tasks for school-based reviews;
  • email invitations and prepare agendas;
  • share documents such as IEPs and other electronic reports;
  • generate all waivers and parent consent forms pre-filled in with student information;
  • verify against a checklist of conditions that have to be met prior to the meeting taking place.

Real-time Collaboration

All members of the on-line team have access to every document that’s been created with respects to the student’s IEPs, Referrals, Assessments and more.

Do More with Less

An approved user has access to all IPRC candidates throughout the entire school board as well as a list of approved consultants and specialists who might need to be involved in the process. They can orchestrate people, documents and resource bookings with just few clicks against a checklist of things that have to be in order prior to the meeting taking place.

Improved Data Accuracy

All decisions documented during the IPRC are automatically transferred back to the IEP and student management system, ensuring that all databases are up to date with accurate, reliable information.


The Board has complete control over what people have access to, what they see on the screen, what options they’re allowed to select and customzied form output for the board. Board's can also define checklists for each meeting type to ensure that procedures and protocols are followed prior to meetings taking place.