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Multi-Channel Distribution

Today there are many more delivery choices for transactional and promotional materials. To suit the intended channel, documents must be transformed on the fly. It takes versatility to accommodate a range of media and formats such as print, email, web site, fax, PDF or some combination of these. Ideally, documents should be distributed automatically to the channels designated for them, without reworking the original application.

PlanetPress Watch automates processing, distribution and printing of transactional and promotional documents. It ensures customers quickly receive personalized, professional information sent the way they prefer. With outstanding efficiency, PlanetPress can simultaneously print, email, fax and archive documents. Intelligent routing maximizes resource capacity and adds operational efficiency.

Cardinal has deployed PlanetPress Suite in Ontario school districts since 1997 - providing effecient document delivery via fax, email and/or print for such business processes as purchase orders, accounts payable cheques, account payable EFT notices and T4s. Adding value added business rules (extracting time sheet data to merge with payroll advice notices, for instance), Cardinal's expertise in both school board systems and PlanetPress Suite ensure a tightly integrated and fool proof delivery mechanism for your out bound documents.

PlanetPress Suite Overview