Software Development

Cardinal Software designs and develops robust web-based software solutions for school boards. We focus our unique combination of creative, technical and business problem-solving skills on meeting our client's objectives. With this clarity of purpose, commitment to process, and broad professional skill sets, we provide our clients with world-class solutions that are strategically aligned and functionally superior.

Cardinal's Senior Architect, Richard Rock, has over thirty years of business experience in developing custom and packaged business solutions. His highly skilled development team can quickly create a reliable, scalable foundation for your business application on a variety of development platforms.

As all of our products have been born of client request, we embark on new development opportunities in partnership with our clients when the right solution is not currently available. Without exception, we adopt the product as a packaged solution for resale to other clients thus helping our original partner recapture a portion of their original investment.

If you can't find the solution you need and are interested in pursuing a co-development partnership, contact us at (705) 755-0043 to explore the possibilities.